Type A Curb-Inlet Frame

The Type-A Curb Inlet Frame was created by improving on the ideas and design of an already successful product, our Standard Curb Inlet Frame.  For over four decades, the Standard Curb Inlet Frame has been the preferred product of most Kansas City Metro area municipalities.

Although nothing was “broke” on the Standard Curb Inlet Frame, we decided to “fix” it anyway.…..

We began by utilizing the knowledge and experience of Design Engineers from municipalities, who each had over two decades of direct experience with the Standard Curb Inlet Frame, both from the design and the maintenance perspectives.

Then we solicited the pre-casters and field crews who installed the Standard Curb Inlet Frame. We asked them the same question, “How would you improve this product”?

This process exhausted a lot of red ink and several years of time. But, the end result was well worth the consumption of both.

Shawnee Steel & Welding, Inc. is extremely proud to offer the Type-A Curb Inlet Frame. We truly believe it is far superior to any product within its respective market.

Provided below is a detailed list of items that make the Type-A Curb Inlet Frame so successful. But, don’t take our word for it... let the numbers speak for themselves, click on the provided link for the inlet design criteria to see the efficiency of this product.

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  • Provides Significant Cost Savings Over Cast Iron Products
  • Provides Significant Hydraulic Performance Over Cast Iron Products
  • Provides Child/Pet Safety Bar
  • Clean Curb Appeal
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  • Available in Widths from 3’ – 12’
  • Available with 6” and 10” Throat Openings (Custom Sizes Available)
  • Site Cast or Pre-Cast
  • Ability to Act as Permanent Form Significantly Reduces Labor Time and Costs


Hydraulic Design Criteria

Type-A Curb Inlet – City of Overland Park, KS

Type-A Curb Inlet – City of Shawnee, KS

Letter of Recommendation


  • Significant unit cost savings compared to cast iron products.
  • Increased hydraulic performance results in reduction of total inlet collection boxes required on a project.
  • Acts as a form (either pre-cast or site cast) during installation:
    • Much less cumbersome than wood forms and/or cast iron inlet frames to install.
    • In “all-concrete” applications, contractors don’t have to worry about their production being limited by the amount of forms they have.
    • Form doesn’t have to be “stripped” after concrete pour.
    • Overall time and labor costs to complete work are greatly reduced.
  • Design allows most debris to pass through inlet frame.  (include this with grate/hood pic with all leaves)
    • This greatly reduces amount of maintenance required.
    • Virtually eliminates the “clog” variable in design.
  • Frame is designed to AASHTO H20 loads, therefore acts as structural support for front of inlet box.
  • Provides very uniform aesthetics……..Curb Appeal.
  • Meets all DOT standards and specifications.

When every dollar counts, the Type-A Curb Inlet Frame provides significant costs savings, while providing a superior product...

For more information, please e-mail us or contact Craig Pardue at 913-432-8046

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  • Designed to ASSHTO H20
  • Acts as Permanent Form
  • Captures 85% of Water Runoff
  • Increased Flow Means Reduced Maintenance Costs to Municipality to Constantly Unclog Inlets
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  • Rigidity and Protection in Front of Box Means Less Maintenance Cost to Repair Boxes
  • Rigidity and Protection in Front of Box Means Reduced Liability to Municipality



15. 05. 2008
Shawnee Steel is in final steps to document and organize our quality management procedures. We expect to be a certified AISC fabrication shop sometime in the second quarter of 2009. We are very excited to take this next step…….

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